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On this very day in the year of our Lord, 1993, Nigerians 18 years and above trooped out en-masse and voted Moshood  Kashimawo  Abiola  (MKO), President of Nigeria. It was an option A4 inspired, induced, and delivered election, reputed to be the fairest and the most credible in Nigerian history.

Nevertheless, some then powerful Nigerians including the then Chief organiser of the transition programme- General  Babangida, had other plans. He annulled the election and in the process dangerous homo sapiens like Abacha – a ruthless and very unkind dictator, among others took over. The rest is now history.

June12 now symbolises more than MKO and his scuttled bid to become President. It now represents and symbolises the best Nigeria can be in all aspects of democracy and good governance, but for one reason or the other has failed to attain.

June12 is now a date/day to continue to reflect on the Nigerian project. Ironically, June 12 has even been declared Nigeria’s democracy day by a very undemocratic, intolerant, unfair, and UNJUST dictator,  Buhari.  Unfortunately, under his watch Nigerians are more divided, poorer, insecure, and live in fear of a regime they supposedly elected. Nigerians have never been more divided along ethnic, geographical and religious lines. This situation has been made possible by this ethnic and religious jingoist currently pretending to be with no body, and for no body. However, Nigeria and Nigerians hope to survive his intolerant and UNJUST style.

June12post.com will not say Happy Democracy day today. There is nothing to be happy about. Nigerians are being killed in droves, and the current junta is doing nothing about it. While herdsmen and terrorists are at the helm of this insecurity, they are being parted on the back, unprosecuted, and allegedly being given huge cash; while soft touches like IPOB are being killed without hesitance.

Buhari currently heads a very UNJUST regime, which clearly does not reflect anything June12 symbolises and/or intends to attain.

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