Full Text of Amaechi’s Verdict on Buhari’s Presidency


According to Amaechi-

“Three years of Buhari o. Everybody crying, crying. Pressmen are crying. Farmers are crying. Workers are crying. Politicians are crying. Students are crying. Three years! Rate of poverty is very high. People are hungry. Nigeria will divide soon.

The president is not listening to anybody. He doesn’t care. You can write what you want to write, president doesn’t care. Does he read? He will laugh. He’ll say: ‘Come, come, come and see they are abusing me here.’ In fact, there was one case of somebody in Onitsha; a trader, who couldn’t sell his goat during Sallah. I was in the plane and the man was busy abusing Buhari; because of Buhari nobody is buying (his goat.) He said: ‘Come, Amaechi, what is my business with Onitsha goat-seller?’

This country won’t change, I swear. Nothing can change. The only way it can change is if everybody is killed. Kai! This country is going nowhere. Even if you divide the country, it will still not change. No, I am not joking o. When Magnus was my SSG, I told him: ‘This country is hopeless and helpless.’ He said: ‘Oga, stop it now. Coming from the governor. Don’t be saying that.’ Two months in Abuja he said: ‘Oga, this country is hopeless and helpless.’ I said why. He said: ‘You are right. The only thing they do in Abuja is share money; they don’t work.’”

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