Inec Chair, For the Judgement of History, Do the right Thing – by Farouq Kperogi


INEC chairman Professor Mahmood Yakubu is straight-up one of the most intelligent human beings to ever walk this earth. I know because I related with him when we both lived in Kaduna. He not only has an unrivalled First Class degree in history, he also went on to get advanced degrees in history from Cambridge and Oxford universities with distinction.

But it’s not his credentialing that bowls me over; what impresses all who know him outside the mediation of the media is his razor-sharp wit and his perspicacious intellect. As a professional historian, and a top-rate one at that, he should be self-conscious of the judgement of history.

I know tremendous pressure is being brought to bear on him now to subvert the election in favor of Buhari. Buhari henchmen are pressuring him to cancel the results of the election in the Federal Capital Territory where Buhari lost in almost every polling unit and to inflate figures in the Southeast and the South-south where Buhari fell short of the constitutionally required 24 percent of the vote. So far, he is resisting these pressures, but can he hold up?

Look, there’s a perverse side me that wants Buhari to win so that the knuckleheads who propped up this senile, featherbrained, murderous thug as president will see the country fall apart before their very eyes under his inept leadership so I can say, “you see, I told you!” People would then attribute to me oracular powers I don’t possess. All it takes to know that a Buhari second term would deepen people’s misery and ultimately cause Nigeria’s disintegration is the capacity to be dispassionate, to use one’s senses, to school one’s emotions, to tutor one’s instincts, and to be conscious of one’s unconscious.

But it’s unforgivably cruel to wish a Buhari second term on any people, much less people one loves. Buhari is an affliction. The judgement of history will be harsh on Professor Yakubu if he allows himself to be used to rig Buhari back to power. He should know that the monster that Buhari is won’t spare him.
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