One Turbulent Week In the Life of an #UNJUST Government


In just one week of Buhari administration (September 14 to 21)  a lot of scandals, resignations, over rulings, cases of certificate forgery, serious case of nepotism, and deliberate and false claims occurred. .

First, it was the sacking of Chief of Nigeria’s secret service, Mr Seiefa. Nigerians expected it considering the antecedents of Buhari government. Yet when it came it was still a shock to ALL. Did he really do it?…was the unvoiced question on everybody’s lips. Yes, he did it. He has lived up to his nepotistic tradition, and bigotry. All but one of security chiefs continue to come from one part of Nigeria. The shock reverberated, and social media buzzed. Nigerians screamed and even Buhari die-hards were concerned. This is stretching the 97%  -5% policy to extreme.

As the media buzzed, and the screams assumed a high pitch, the #unjust government scrambled for some damage limitation. The narrative has to be changed.  It found a way out. Adeosun now has to go. She is after all a certificate forger. The narrative swung…. The resignation note of the embattled Minister for Finance was made public. She was previously allowed to remain in office for about three months after Premium Times exposed her forged NYSC exemption certificate. The centre could no more hold and she resigned. The #unjust and predictable government did not prosecute her, but gave her a corridor, to run..

Since her resignation and exit to London, another Minister in the same  administration has again be called out; again that he did not serve under NYSC scheme  though he graduated when he was just 25. His name is Mr Abdur-Raheem Adebayo Shittu. He has since agreed that he did not serve and continues to pile up excuses. Lawyers have concluded that -the minister -not serving is/was criminal; and a section of Nigerians have called for him to resign. He argues that his election into his state’s House of Assembly was enough service. Most Nigerians disagree.

A little down the line, a presidential aid/assistant and head of asset recovery has also been put under pressure to resign. His name is Chief Okoi Obono-Obla. He had since been accused of forging WAEC certificate, but powers that be have continued to shield him. The pressure for him to resign and be prosecuted is mounting.

As the cookies continue to crumble within the same week, the presidency over ruled its attack dog; an armed group of APC- the Nigerian Police Force, for clearly attempting to exclude Senator Adeleke from Osun gubernatorial election. Even the Presidency felt that – Police had gone too far for ordering Senator Adeleke to report to force headquarters in Abuja, about 3 days to Osun election. Adeleke must be given the chance to contest. Some people felt that this was orchestrated to make the presidency look human, after-all.

Furthermore it was announced via a tweet, by the Minister for state for aviation- Mr Hadi Sirika that the proposed Nigerian Air would not be happening, after all. Really? A project that has allegedly cost 4 million dollars (1.5 Billion naira), including the $600,000 spent on logo design, by a Bahrain firm. The logo could have even been better designed via a national school logo design competition. The whole Nigerian Air saga sounded like a well-crafted corruption episode. It stank, and Nigerians were not happy to say the least.

The incompetence of current #unjust regime numbs Nigerians. It is in every sector of Nigerian socio-economic and political system.

As if all these were not enough for the week, Buhari’s social media aid Laureta Onochie knowingly tweeted a road work believed to be somewhere in Rwanda, and claimed it is one of Buhari’s road projects. Please see below. She has now come clean, and said it won’t happen again, and that she made mistake. She just needs to have a look at what the social media thinks about her deliberate attempt to deceive Nigerians and buy favour for her master.

While all these went on, Fulani herdsmen continued to attack innocent Nigerians. They continued their attack in Numan in Taraba state, and scores were left dead. Nigerians seem not to be shocked anymore when these herdsmen kill Nigerians. Some are now resigned and simply pray that  this #unjust government will somehow cease to exist.

Nigerians live in bondage of a regime they freely elected. It is an #UNJUST Regime. Who will bell the CAT?

BY Austin Aneke

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