The Attempt to Force Chief Justice Onnoghen to resign Must be Resisted


The calous, careless, and calculated attempt to relieve the Nigerian Chief Justice of his position by Nigeria’s cicilian junta has been vigorously criticised by the former aviation Minister, Femi Fani Kayode. In a facebook post Chief Kayode said:

Now that CJN Onnoghen has been ordered to step down please take note that in Nigeria today the the Presidency, the Federal Government, the National Assembly, the Judiciary, Security Agencies, Military, Intelligence Agencies, INEC and even the leading opposition party are all in the hands of northern Muslims.

I advise the CJN to ignore this monstrous, self-serving, unlawful and unconstitutional directive and refuse to vacate his office.Anything short of that will be a capitulation to tyranny, injustice and servitude and it would result in dangerous and far reaching consequences for the unity of our country.

When the South/South governors meet on this issue they should ponder on this. It is either Nigeria belongs to us all or let there be no Nigeria.

It is either we have a real democracy with a clear delination and separation of powers between the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary or let the whole system and country go to blazes.

We are not interested in being slaves and we refuse to accept the yoke and bondage of dictatorship.

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